I’m selling my Contax T2 and I made a book about it

148 Pages
Soft cover

First edition of 400 Recycled paper printed in Berlin 2023 In Shwartz’s debut publication, “I’m Selling My Contax T2 and I Made a Book About It”, the reader is absorbed into an introspective journey of the artist’s life through 148 pages of raw photography interwoven with a diary-like narrative. An invitation to take a different point of view, each image and every word are steps along a challenging path offering a poignant glimpse into the very essence of Shwartz’s being.By seamlessly blending self-reflective writing with a stunning collection of analogue images, he shares the emotional nuances of his photography through the lens of a Contax T2. A three-year-long experiment culminating in the auctioning of his camera, this book could be described as the diary of a 30-year-old millennial, a philosophical and psychological self-analysis, a tapestry of memories, a biographical montage, or perhaps just photography’s most elaborate ever sales pitch for a point-and-shoot.This first edition, self-published project is limited to 400 copies and printed in Berlin on quality recycled paper. The book’s design embodies the narrative within – vulnerable, raw and fragile, the artist presents himself to his audience without a protective cover. In the spirit of life’s journey, exposure becomes fertile ground for profound growth.

all rights reserved to yotam shwartz