Yotam Shwartz (1992, Haifa, Israel) is a photographer and artist based in Berlin.

His interest in photography began at a very young age, influenced by the practice of his parents, themselves photographers.

He spent several years modeling, which allowed him to understand the impact of the photographer on his models and decided to develop a way of approaching his subjects in a more unobtrusive way in order to let them express themselves fully.
Ralph Baiker, for whom he became an assistant for 2 years, gave him the opportunity to hone his style and approach to photography. With no formal education, this time was a profound training and formation to the world and technique of photography.

Yotam decided in 2019 to move to Berlin, to the neighborhood of his grandfather, where he was born and from where, 84 years before, he was forced out by the Nazi regime.
His family heritage consists of migration across several continents. Something that is also very precious to him and which inevitably impacts his work.

His photography is raw, it is the essence of a moment.
It could be described as documentary, as an intimate view.
But its story is deeper and more sensitive.

For Yotam, photography was a way to emancipate himself from a background of mental issues personally and family related. It has become for him a way of remembering and focusing on positive moments, on the beauty of the world and the events that surround him. Here, everything has its importance and everything is enlightened by his eyes.

Text by Chloe Saï Breil Dupont.

Im selling my Contax T2 and i made a book about it, Self published 2023

S*heroes, Anahita Contemporary & Anahita - Arts of Asia, Berlin 2021
Im selling my Contax T2 and i made a book about it book launch & exhibition - Berlin, Anahita Sadighi 2023

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