Berlin based Photographer Yotam Shwartz is recognised for his authentic and lively feeling in his imagery, and known for mastering the use of natural light and manipulating it in his favor. “Every light is a good light” he says.

His natural ability to connect quickly and deeply with people he shoots gives him the chance of creating those natural or “true” moments as he says.

Yotam’s background in modeling and team sports makes crew and specially the models on set feel more comfortable and part of the team when creating images.
“I know exactly how they feel, I try to make them feel and being treated the way I always wanted to be treated as a model”.

Yotam’s mission is showcasing our world as it is and shad a positive approach on it.
“Focusing on the bright side of life through my lens is my therapy” says Yotam.

Selected clients
Nike, Nivea, Under Armor, Zalando, Fila, Rolf Benz, Enterteinment Weekly, Man About Town, Fucking Young.